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Tri-County Fly Fishers Club is a not for profit Club whose members have a true love for fly-fishing. We welcome anyone who wants to learn how to fly fish and gain experience in the art of fly tying; and become an active member of the fly-fishing Club.
This Club is made up of about eighty members from beginners to those with 50+ years of fly-fishing and tying experi-ence. Fishing interests range from bluegills and bass to redfish and tarpon, with an occasional rainbow or brown trout from up north or out west thrown in. Today, membership is drawn from permanent and seasonal residents of those in and around the Florida counties of Lake, Sumter and Marion.

President's Message October, 2021

President's Message October, 2021

President’s Message October 2021


I was talking to the oldest member of our club recently and I want to share his recent story and how he is dealing with covid 19.

After hearing that Art contracted covid in August I called him to find out what happened. Art told me he was doing well until mid August when he began to feel weak and had loss of appetite. He did say he was not as careful about the virus because he had the vaccine in January.  August 18th he got tested and when he got the positive results for covid he went into the hospital for infusion (antibodies) on the 24th.

When I talked to him on Sept. 15th he still had a feeling of weakness in his legs. “They feel like jelly” and continues to have a decreased appetite. 

Art wanted to let me know  several months ago he had booked a Salmon fishing trip in Maine for  the end of this month. He did not want to give up the trip. He contacted them to see if he could get a wheelchair. He is still going on the trip! He said it may be the last chance he gets to go to Maine. He promises to send me pictures of his trip to post in our fishing reports. You just can’t keep a good man down…..Art is 95!


I know things have been slow over the last 18 months but things are picking up. Please send me  or Larry Nazzaro you fishing reports so we can post them.  Dave Rambow and Malachy Horan posted great reports and they are appreciated. You don’t have to make them long. Just let us know where you’ve been fishing and how you did good or bad. If you looked at the reports last month and this one you know that the tilapia are biting at Freedom Pointe. I have a report on my fishing in Tennessee. We appreciate reports even if you are not in Florida. When you read an article please read the comments at the bottom of the articles. Make a comment and maybe you will win a prize:)

Below is an updated calendar for the rest of this year.

Monthly fly tying  

Monthly Fishing Derby (to restart in October) dates to be determined

Friday morning casting/fishing clinics at Grand Oaks 


October 4th Monday  Monthly Fly Tying the bridge room 2-4pm

October 6th Wednesday Business Meeting. Breakfast in the Bistro served 8-9am with Meeting at 9:30am in the Bistro

October 20th - Evening presentation by Dave Rambow. “Life, Liberty, and Fly Fishing the Kenai…the pursuit of happiness” This will be in the Bridge Room from 7-8 PM. We will continue to practice social distancing.

October Fishing Derby date to be determined 

Nov 1st Monthly Fly Tying 2-4pm in the Bridge Room

Nov 3rd Wednesday Business meeting Breakfast in the Bistro 8-9am followed by the meeting in the Bistro at 9:30am

Nov 17th – Evening presentation by Mike Winter and Michael Benrud. They will discuss their trip to the Green River Utah below Flaming Gorge. This will also be held in the Bridge Room from 7-8 PM.

Nov Fishing Derby   Date to be determined

Dec 1st Wednesday Business meeting   Breakfast 8-9am in the Bistro Meeting to follow at 9:30 in the Bistro

Dec 6th Monday Monthly Fly Tying   2-4pm in the Bridge Room

Dec Fishing Derby Date to be determined

Dec 15th Evening Meeting Open

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