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Tri-County Fly Fishers Club is a not for profit Club whose members have a true love for fly-fishing. We welcome anyone who wants to learn how to fly fish and gain experience in the art of fly tying; and become an active member of the fly-fishing Club.
This Club is made up of about eighty members from beginners to those with 50+ years of fly-fishing and tying experi-ence. Fishing interests range from bluegills and bass to redfish and tarpon, with an occasional rainbow or brown trout from up north or out west thrown in. Today, membership is drawn from permanent and seasonal residents of those in and around the Florida counties of Lake, Sumter and Marion.

President's Message September 2021

President's Message September 2021

President’s Message - September, 2021


Due to the increasing spread of the Delta Variant of COVID19, along with several other reasons, our upcoming meetings and events for this Fall have changed.


The September 15th evening meeting with guest speaker Leigh West will be rescheduled for early 2022. We felt this meeting would be poorly attended for a guest speaker at this time. So, there will be no September 15 evening meeting.


The October 13th Fall Picnic will be postponed until March 23rd, 2022. It involves a lot of food with a baked bean competition and would likely be much better attended in the spring when all our snowbirds are back. 


The Fall Fest which was to be on November 10th will be rescheduled for January 26th, 2022. Again, we feel it will have better attendance when more members are back. This also works better for Grand Oaks because they have had some difficulty staffing for events recently.


Many of us who have been fully vaccinated are getting to the point of decreased vaccine efficacy and we don’t know when we will be able to get the booster. More recently studies have shown fully vaccinated people initially had a viral efficacy of 90% but, after 6 months, have a viral efficacy of around 60%. The vaccine is still effective in preventing serious illness. We feel it is better to delay these fall events and err on the side of caution and hope we get a much better turn out when they are rescheduled for early 2022. In the meantime, we will continue to have our meetings that we feel can be done with proper social distancing. 


These include:


Monthly fly tying  

Monthly Fishing Derby (to restart in October)

Friday morning casting/fishing clinics at Grand Oaks 


At this point we will have:


October 20th - Evening presentation by Dave Rambow. “Life, Liberty, and Fly Fishing the Kenai…the pursuit of happiness” This will be in the Bridge Room from 7-8 PM. We will continue to practice social distancing.


Nov 17th – Evening presentation by Mike Winter and Michael Benrude. They will discuss their trip to the Green River Utah below Flaming Gorge. This will also be held in the Bridge Room from 7-8 PM.

The picture shows the mask Mike Carragher gave me a year and a half ago. It is very stylish but I sure hope it does not become a permanent fixture in my wardrobe:(

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